Stella and the Gold Airstream

Wally Byam designed a trailer during the 1956 Airstream Wally Byam European Caravan. For the design he collaborated with a consultant who was better in describing an Airstream’s requirements than Wally's wife, Stella. The floorplan that they came up with was christened “Stella's Dream Trailer.”

“Stella's Dream Trailer” went into production during the first quarter of 1957 to be ready for the first continental United States caravan. It made its debut during the Kentucky Derby and Indianapolis 500 Caravan.

When Stella’s Airstream came off the production line at the Jackson Center, Ohio factory it was far more than a typical Airstream. It is clad in beautiful gold anodized aluminum, and will be forever, “Stella’s Gold Airstream.”

wally-byam-gold-airstreamIn the photo, we see Wally opening the door to his newly finished Airstream. It was an amazing Airstream, considering it is the first 22-footer to have tandem axles and gold color.

Wally and Stella had different sleeping habits. Wally only slept for a short time. When he woke, often in the middle of the night, he would jot down some notes or listen to his Zenith Transoceanic radio. There was always a radio band with news and current events. He might listen to the BBC, the Voice of America or other English language stations. Then he dozed again.

Stella slept in a partitioned area to shield her from Wally’s irregular sleeping habits. Whether on the Derby-500 Caravan, in Mexico or on the African Caravan, the interior design met the Byam family's requirements for extended travel.

Today, Airstream has designed floorplans to meet your requirements for the Airstream Adventure of your dreams.