The First Wally Byam Caravan

Wow! What a year! In 1955, we were having Airstream's first Wally Byam Caravan to Eastern Canada.

Wally and Stella Byam left for Europe from Montreal, Canada to scout and make preliminary preparations for the 1956 Caravan to Europe.  Helen Byam Schwamborn joined Airstream to organize and lead Caravans, as well as to organize and manage the Wally Byam Caravan Club, newly formed by Airstream owners during the Eastern Canadian Caravan. This was one special year moving Airstream forward.

Wally Byam always enjoyed and celebrated his birthday on the Fourth of July, for this was a very special day, and he also was able to pay tribute with pride for our Nation’s Independence Day.

This picture is from Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. It is July 4, and the Caravanners are celebrating Wally’s birthday with an all-out potluck.

Behind the Canadian flag is Stella, then Wally and Helen at her right. John and his wife are traveling with their four children for the summer. John’s brother, Bill, also has an Airstream and is traveling with his wife and daughter. Two brothers and two sisters make up the two marriages. How often do brothers marry sisters and travel in Airstreams?

So often at a celebration for Wally, Caravanners make model Airstreams. Sometimes these are made from cardboard sprayed with silver paint, other times from aluminum wrap, or even from aluminum sheeting.

Regardless of the construction, Wally cherished each and every tribute for him and his Airstreams.

Dale “Pee Wee” Schwamborn has silver in his blood. Each week, Pee Wee shares one of his many stories, including his experiences on the iconic Airstream Caravans, his time spent working in the Airstream factory, and the many Airstreamers he’s befriended, far and wide.Image: The-First-Wally-Byam-Caravan-to-Eastern-Canada&bvt=rss