Wally and His Burros, Pike and Jenny

The stars twinkled in the evening sky as a young Wally Byam rolled out his sleeping gear for the night. It had been a warm day, the sheep had settled in and he was satisfied that as adolescent, this met the expectations that his grandfather James Biswell had entrusted to him.

Throughout Wally’s life, this love in being close to nature never diminished.

Camping is probably in part, a segment for the master plan, leading to the spark igniting Wally’s Airstream. He provided the Airstream for those wanting to travel and to leave the mundane behind.

For himself, it was the miles hiking through the silent Sierra Nevadas. Setting up a tent above the tree line, hiking over the highest trail passes in the Continental United States and just relaxing away from ties, suits, and telephones.

Wally had dogs, early on when I knew him it was Skipper and Robin. Later on, it was Chica and Penny.

But also very close to his heart were his burros, Pike and Jenny. Above Wally is with his two burros and camping gear.

At home Wally had a complete wall filled with cabinets storing his camping gear, and Airstream necessities. Pike and Jenny stayed with one of Wally’s friends at a ranch in San Marcos, CA.

Is it possible that as a youth he became the consummate shepherd?

When he developed the Airstream Wally Byam Caravans, his flock, now Airstreams and Caravanners were always guarded with caring and a watchful eye. This passion for the outdoors carries over to the freedom an Airstream gives the owner, to follow the compass to new adventures.Image: Wally-and-His-Burros-Pike-and-Jenny&bvt=rss

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