Wally’s Creed, Part II

This article is part two in a series about Wally Byam's Creed.

Airstream trailers have been seen all over the world. Caravans traveled through North America, Central America, Cuba, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and from Singapore across Asia all the way to Portugal (including Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union)!

In Africa, the Caravan crossed roads, rough terrain, washboards, quagmires, and even endured blinding dust.

But every night, you could find a bath, shower, dinner, and a clean bed after a long and difficult day.

Today, Wally’s promise is just as active today as it was on earlier Caravans.

Today’s Airstreamers gather with fellow Caravan members to enjoy camaraderie, fun, food, drink, and the nature surrounding them. Other Airstreamers travel throughout the nation, stopping to see magnificent sights like Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone national Park, the San Joaquin Valley, the wide blue oceans, or even to see their family members scattered across the country.

Your dreams are as near as the door of your Airstream. Comfort is below the soles of your feet and within the cabin of your Airstream, from port to bow. Wally’s dream was for freedom to be a reality, not a distant and imagined dream. His dream was that you could explore. That you could go whatever you wanted to do.

2014 has seen Airstream further Wally’s dreams by opening new dealerships all over the world, in the United States and Canada but also in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Wally’s dream is alive and well. The Airstream life is good!

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