Watch Our New Short Film, “The Pathmakers”


Relive the last 90 years of Airstream and gaze toward new horizons with our new short film, The Pathmakers.

For more than 90 years, Airstreamers around the world have charted the course of travel freedom.

From Wally Byam leading Caravans up the length of Africa, astronauts returning from the moon, engineers designing exciting new concepts, and everyday travelers hitting the road for the next adventure with their families and friends, Airstream has been enabling adventures for more than 90 years.

Now, as we turn the page on a new chapter in Airstream history and begin our next ninety years, the Airstream community of dreamers, ‘Streamers, adventurers, and explorers is stronger than ever. Our new short film, The Pathmakers, honors their venturesome spirit. For everyone who has ever hitched up an Airstream and hit the road – and for the generations to come who seek to put the wide world at your doorstep – we hope you’ll find inspiration to take your own uncharted adventure.

Come along with The Pathmakers on a journey through Airstream history – down the paved highways, the rocky and muddy roads, and sometimes even no road at all – as we blaze new trails together.