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The Classic

Ultimate living space was at the forefront when we designed the Classic with ample social areas and private sleeping quarters. Residential style galleys and spacious bathrooms with Corian® and Moen® fixtures bring your travel experience home. Abundant exterior storage and smartly placed hookups and awnings are added bonuses to what otherwise might appear – from the inside out – to be a private residence. Your everyday lifestyle easily transposes into any of our Classic floorplans. Have closet envy? Our 31 Classic has an oversized wardrobe just for you. Travelling with friends? Opt for twin beds or convert a dinette into

The Jack Rabbits

There is truth in the statement that things don’t just happen  – people make things happen. In 1951, Wally Byam organized and conducted the first Airstream Caravan to Mexico and Central America. This created a tradition of Caravans spanning the globe, traveling across Africa, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Middle East. I first met Earl and Pauline Arborn on the first Caravan in 1951. They enjoyed the camaraderie being with like-minded travelers. Sometime after the first Caravan, a group of Airstreamers formed a small group for get-togethers to enjoy their Airstreams and to talk about the wonderful times they had on Caravans. 

Wally Byam’s Portrait

In 1956, Airstream moved from their Main Street location in downtown Los Angeles to Norwalk, which was later annexed by the city of Santa Fe Springs. At that time, Wally Byam was leading the European Caravan. By the time he returned home, his company was already manufacturing in their new facilities. The main office and lobby had a small store and a receptionist. On the wall was a striking painting: a portrait of Wally Byam. It was painted by an Airstream employee named Marius Hansen and was based on a photograph that had been taken of Wally years before. It showed

Wally and Helen

She was born on August 8, 1904 in Baker City, Oregon. What does it mean to live an interesting life? Some say it’s how far you travel, or the enriching experiences you have. Some say it’s the friendships you form and the love you share with others. Well, no matter what definition you place on it, her life was full of adventures and excitement. It’s notable that Helen Byam’s paternal lineage came to America in the 17th century. They were farmers, from England, and they served in the Revolutionary War, the Battle of 1812, and in the Civil War. Of her

Live Riveted
Live Riveted

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