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Her Way and the Highway: Series 1 Recap, and a Look Ahead


As the first series of Her Way and the Highway comes to a close, we're looking forward to more incredible stories of Airstreaming women.

Her Way and the Highway is an email series celebrating the vibrant community of Airstreaming women. Featuring inspirational stories, road-tested recommendations, and expert advice from women who hitch up and hit the road, Her Way and the Highway comes straight to your inbox every week.


Her Way and the Highway began in May 2021 as an email series celebrating the vast community of Airstreaming women. Over the course of a dozen email newsletters (also published as blog entries on, we’ve highlighted resources that help women travel comfortably and confidently in their Airstream, heard firsthand from real women who are out there living the dream, and inspired even more women to hitch up and hit the road.

Drawing on the experience and expertise of the Airstream Ambassadors who identify as women – as well as stories and insights from women we’ve met out on the road and in campsites across the country – Her Way and the Highway has become a catalog of all the ways women can tap into the empowering, exciting, and life-changing world of Airstream travel.


We dove headfirst into the full-time work-from-anywhere life that Airstream Ambassador Cass Beach leads (along with her faithful dog and cat travel buddies), talked to trailblazing Airstreamers like the first woman president of the Airstream Club International, Mona Heath, and saw how women like Elisa Gusdal are becoming a new generation of role models for women of color who seek to embrace the freedom of the road.

As we wrap up our first series of Her Way and the Highway, we’re also looking forward to even more empowering stories of women who Airstream. If you know a woman or group who has an inspiring story to share, drop us a line at [email protected].

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