The Optional E1 Package Equals Simplicity Squared


Airstreamers know there’s no substitute for having the freedom to pursue the next adventure that awaits. The optional E1 Package upgrade for our Mercedes-Benz® touring coaches is designed to stretch the limits, enhance your off-grid conveniences, and simplify the RV experience 

When it comes to delivering motorized, Class B recreational vehicle (RV) luxury and no-compromise capabilities, Airstream’s line of luxurious touring coaches built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van chassis is literally in a class by itself. From well-equipped kitchens to cozy sleeping quarters and onboard bathrooms, these touring coaches pack comfort and convenience into every aspect of their luxury interiors.  

These amenities are what transform a primitive RV experience to the Airstream aesthetic of maximum comfort. For many adventurists, campers, and van-life enthusiasts, these very features are most important when they’re enjoying the ultimate freedom of boondocking — away from full hook-up services at campgrounds and off the grid.  

Airstream Interstate 24 Class B Motorhome parked outside a lighthouse with flags flying in the background.

But with limited resources to power this experience for an extended period, this freedom has its limits. Resource and power management become ever-present considerations, and decisions must be made to determine which creature comforts are essential and which are simply “nice to have.”  

The optional E1 Package was designed to remove these constraints and plug into the greater potential of off-grid living. If you’re ready to discover how far you can maximize your next adventure — and how to simplify resource management — this versatile system provides a deeper well of power to stay off-grid longer, charge up your favorite devices and take comfort in every modern convenience. 

Power up Your Favorite Devices

Getting away from it all and forgetting the cares of regular life are the ultimate goals of going off the grid. But that shouldn’t mean that you need to leave your electric conveniences and entertainment devices behind. When not connected to shore power, plugging in high-power devices requires both a large power bank of storage and sufficient capacity to support electrical usage.  

Historically, if you wanted to use the microwave, plug-in your laptop, turn on the TV or charge your phone, you had to choose which one was most important.  

The power upgrade of the E1 Package solves this limitation, starting with a powerful Volta battery system that's anchored by a massive 12,000 watt-hour lithium battery pack. In conjunction with a robust, 3,200-watt power inverter, the Volta battery pack enables you to use multiple powered devices at the same time. Compared to the standard power system, the 3,200-watt power inverter delivers more than triple the capacity.  

A man working on his computer with his camera sitting on the table inside of an Airstream Interstate Touring Coach

Even if you push the system to its limits and require more power than the inverter can handle at any given time, the integrated power management system will intelligently shed loads and divert power to the most essential appliances and/or outlets until the power usage drops to a normal capacity range. It’s so easy to use that you can simply power up and focus on enjoying your stay. 

All told, it equates to a seamless experience and no-worries simplicity. 

Unhitch From Liquid Propane

Among the historic trade-offs of nearly any motorized RV or pull-behind camper is the challenge of managing liquid propane (LP). Used for everything from grilling and cooking to space heating and hot water to refrigeration — LP has become nearly synonymous with RV life. It’s so common that the chores of topping off tanks, maintenance, and resource management have become universally accepted inconveniences. Until now. 

The single-fuel source simplicity of the optional E1 Package removes all reliance on LP by using the same diesel fuel that powers engines.  

This streamlined solution effectively removes several tasks off the RV trip checklist. No more finding an LP fill station; no more tank maintenance or tune-ups; no more managing and measuring LP resources during the trip; no more re-rerouting to avoid tunnels; no more compromising. Imagine not having to worry about the LP when you’re driving, cooking, showering or simply trying to stay warm for the night. With the E1 package upgrade, Airstream Interstate and Atlas Touring Coaches deliver the next generation of RV freedom. 

Instant Hot Water, Consistent Heating — On Demand

If you haven’t guessed by now, the optional E1 Package is not only a significant power upgrade; it’s a revolution in RV comfort and simplicity. The upgrade includes a new Timberline 2.0 diesel-fired hydronic heating and hot water system that delivers hot water on-demand while also providing consistent cabin heating on chilly nights and days. Simply put, it provides a new level of creature comfort for the RV experience. 


This powerful hydronic heating system delivers instant hot water and efficiently consistent heat when you need it most — all easily set up and controlled from an intuitive touchscreen interface. 

And since it’s all powered by the same tank that’s fueling the engine, the Timberline system allows you to simply fill ‘er up and go.  

No Generator Required

Another time-honored tradition of the RV experience is relying on a generator for AC power to run essential amenities while boondocking. With the E1 Package supplying ample power for extended off-grid adventures, generators are no longer mandatory. This van-life upgrade trades the limitations of generator operation, management and maintenance for new-found serenity. 

It won’t take long to become accustomed to the many conveniences this affords and grow nostalgic about when the generator was your primary source of AC power. You’ll soon discover the sound of the cicadas, frogs, and wildlife instead of getting drowned out by the rumble of the generator. And you’ll remember how you used to track generator run-time hours to make sure you didn’t miss the next oil change. By uncoupling from generator power, the E1 Package opens a new world of off-grid possibilities while allowing you to experience the RV freedom you’ve only dreamed of. 

Control at Your Fingertips

Although there is much less to monitor, measure and manage with the E1 Package, taking control of your powered environment is easier than ever. The clearly readable Volta power dashboard keeps you informed of power storage status, current usage, time to charge and other essential metrics — all at glance. 


The touchscreen Timberline display places all comfort and power-related controls at your fingertips, allowing you to manage interior zone and time-of-day settings to suit your preferences. 

Hit the Road and Recharge Your Batteries

Perhaps the most hands-off, user-friendly feature of the optional E1 Package is its battery recharging mechanism. As you drive, a 56-Volt DC alternator supplies up to 120 amps of DC current to the Volta battery pack. With normal driving, the alternator will recharge the battery to 30% in just 20 minutes and achieve a complete recharge in only 2 ½ hours.  

So, as you venture off the grid to recharge your figurative batteries, the E1 Package gives you the best of worlds — a break from the daily routine and the power to enjoy all your favorite conveniences.  

If you’re ready to supercharge your next boondocking adventure, visit your local Airstream dealership and inquire about the optional E1 Package upgrade. 

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