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While your Airstream® bed is a perfectly cozy place for sleeping, sometimes nature beckons you to dream outside. Whether for relaxing, napping, or stargazing before drifting off for the night, a Lawson Hammock is an ideal camping companion.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is the bee’s knees of hammocks. This award-winning, top-rated piece of gear is a hybrid tent-hammock with a patented design that lets you hang loose from a couple of trees or set up your snug place on the ground just like a tent. These options allow you to relax on all types of terrain.

Sturdy and durable, the Camping Hammock will be a piece of gear you use (and use often) for years to come. The body is made of ripstop nylon and poly pack cloth. A strong spreader bar and shock-corded aluminum arch pole system keep the hammock bed flat and taut, eliminating the uncomfortable “cocoon” effect created by most hammocks.

The Blue Ridge comes with an attached no-see-um bug net and an attachable rainfly that goes directly onto the hammock, so you won’t need additional trees for tying off a tarp. The rainfly is also made of ripstop nylon and has a waterproof nylon border that protects against water blowing under and up into the hammock, so you stay nice and dry. Inside, you’ll find smart details, like two storage pockets and a ceiling O-ring for hanging a lantern.

The entire setup is super lightweight at 4.25 lbs. and a breeze to set up. Use this quintessential hammock for any type of camping – from mountains to beach to desert to, heck, your own backyard. Just bring your favorite book, kick back and relax in supreme comfort.


Lawson Hammock was founded in 2005 by Wes Johnson, an adventurer with a vision to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a fun, versatile alternative to traditional camping. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock, the company’s flagship product, has pioneered the hammock camping market. Since its inceptions, Lawson Hammock has built a reputation in the outdoor industry for top-notch quality and innovation.  

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