Crow Canyon Home


Shatterproof and beautiful, enamelware is the perfect dishware for your Airstream cupboards

Enamelware is perfect for the camping lifestyle, and it makes for a beautiful addition to your Airstream cupboards. For years, campers have valued enamelware for its durability, it’s easy cleanup, and the fact that it’s at home in both the fridge and over the fire. First developed in Ancient Egypt, enamelware has been used by cultures around the world ever since. 

We love the enamelware from Crow Canyon Home – a San Francisco company that’s been making beautiful enamelware pieces since 1977. The originator of the now classic “splatter” pattern, and they’ve perfected techniques that make enamelware lightweight, shatter-proof, and perfect for meals around the campfire – or around the dinner table at home. 

Now, beautiful enamelware from Crow Canyon Home is available from Airstream Supply Company. From tumblers to dishes to serving bowls and more, find everything you need to stock your cupboards with the perfect Airstreaming dishware.


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