A-List: COBB Grill

A-List: COBB Grill

Travel, exploration and adventure are the breakfast, lunch and dinner of Airstream life. Our travels take us far and wide, but, of course, explorers still gotta eat.

When you’re on the road, how you choose to make your daily meals can make all the difference. Look to the COBB Grill when venturing beyond your galley for some outdoor cookery.

This grill is wild. Its unique cooking method was developed to allow people in rural Africa to cook with minimal risk of sparking a wildfire. COBB harnessed this technology for its line of safe and portable grills that cook food to perfection. On the African plains, dry corn cobs served as fuel sources, hence this dandy grill’s name.

Here’s how it works. Using a patented design, just the right amount of oxygen seeps into the fire chamber. The heated air then gets pushed upwards and then dispersed sideways, creating an evenly heated cooking surface. Because it’s constructed of top-quality stainless steel, this grill is perfectly light, compact and ready to go where you go.

With the COBB Premier, you can get your roast, grill, bake, smoke, boil and fry on. This is a dynamic grill that will help you cook bacon and eggs for breakfast, homemade pizza for lunch, and a nice, juicy ribeye with seared veggies for dinner. The Premier comes complete with a roast rack and carrying bag.

Image credit: KATE & ADAM from @lifewithoutwaiting

Once you’ve set up your COBB all you need to do is pick your fuel source and you’re good to go. No matter which fuel source you choose, you’ll get safe cooking with easy cleanup. The folks at COBB are fans of good, quality briquettes. They produce a long, clean, consistent burn. Lump charcoal is great for shorter, higher heat grilling for foods like steak and quick-seared fish.

COBB Grill America is located in Austin, TX. In 2001, COBB was named one of the Top Ten Inventions of the Year by Time Magazine.

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