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Airstream A-List Treepod

Your Airstream delivers you to beautiful places. Some days you want to make the most of actively exploring the landscape around you. On others, it feels good to just bask in the nature that abounds.

For those days when you just want to hang out, TreePod lends a helping hand (or seat, as it were) and hangs out with you.

Designed as a spacious, suspended retreat, a TreePod combines elements of three outdoor favorites – the hammock, tent and camp chair. It’s a nifty, comfy place to relax and recharge while gently swaying in the breeze. All you need to do is find a tree to perch in.

TreePod offers a handful of models to suit your needs, whether you are nesting at home or on the road. With the TreePod Cabana, you’ll get an open and airy place to relax. Inspired by the Magi chair on exhibit at the MoMA, the Cabana delivers on sleek, whimsical design while offering ultimate comfort.

This streamlined TreePod has a conical top and roomy, round sitting base surrounded by light, sturdy mesh. Cabanas are available in three sizes – four, five or six feet in diameter – and wanna-be hangers get their choice of five colors. Each comes complete with the pod, a frame, rope, hand strap and quick link, all of which store easily in the carry bag.

Setup is also easy: put the frame in the pod (much like you would with a tent), attach the rope to the top, find your swaying spot, secure the rope and relax. It’s that simple.

While they love the idea of giving people a place to unwind, the folks at TreePod are busy at work on other initiatives, too. Because they value the transformative power of forests, trees, natural environments and the positive relationships people have with them, TreePod is a partner with Trees for the Future. With every TreePod purchase, a tree gets planted, giving rural communities in the developing world an opportunity to restore their environment and build a sustainable future. TreePod believes every planted tree makes a small step towards a better world, one in which every one of us would like to live.

TreePod started with a successful Kickstarter in 2015. The original TreePod was a treehouse designed for children. Today the company offers sophisticated designs for all ages.

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