A-List: ScotteVest


It’s not rocket science, it’s Pocket Science. Company SCOTTeVEST has developed a new way for adventurers to carry their essentials – in their clothing. Smart and stylish, their line of apparel is for everyone. Now, organizing your keys, phone, sunglasses and even a tablet is a cool breeze.

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Our Airstreams® are smartly designed. This is especially true when it comes to storage. From under the bed stowing solutions to well-planned cabinetry and overhead bins, everything has a place. 

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SCOTTeVEST founders Laura and Scott Jordan bring that same concept to clothing. Their company provides storage solutions for everyday items, such as phones, chargers, cameras and keys. With SCOTTeVEST, gone are the days of storing your stuff in your wife’s bag or carrying a man purse. Now, your clothes help you get organized (without sacrificing a smidge of style).

Ladies, throw on the Chloe Glow before a hike or yoga class. This activewear compression hoodie works double duty behind the scenes with 18 pockets. It includes six zippered internal pockets, one mesh phone pocket, and a small tablet pocket! Easily stash your keys, phone, wallet, lip balm, sunglasses and tablet, all while knowing exactly where everything is.

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The Chloe Glow is a cotton/nylon/spandex blend, moisture wicking and machine washable. With four colors to choose from (including forest, ocean, ember and midnight) and sizes for all, anyone can find their perfect fit.

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Gents, don’t think SCOTTeVEST has forgotten you. With the Bamboo Polo, you’ll be carrying your phone, wallet and keys handsomely. This three-pocket polo shirt is sustainably made using a blend of 65% bamboo, 30% cotton and 5% spandex. 

The zippered chest pocket fits large smartphones, while a side-seam pocket with dividing seams turns one pocket into two! All pockets are closed with a zipper. This go-to Polo comes in eight colors and ranges in size from small to XXXL. 

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For longer excursions (and more stuff), there’s the RFID Travel Vest for Men. This travel vest has 26 pockets to help you stay safe, organized and connected. You'll fit all your essentials with room to spare. 

The vest’s RFID blocking pocket wards off identify thieves. Made from breathable polyester that’s water and stain repellent, the RFID Travel Vest for Men is machine washable, breathable and cool.

All SCOTTeVEST apparel items have a weight management system, meaning they won’t weigh you down and you won’t see bulges from your items. They also feature the patented Personal Area Network, which links nearly all of the pockets to one another through the lining. Keep your headphones tidy and your device charged with ease.


From humble beginnings, SCOTTeVEST has evolved into an international business with a full line of intelligent clothing for men and women. Their clothing is expertly designed by their Pocket Scientists to make life better. SCOTTeVEST is based in Ketchum, Idaho.


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