A-List: Mighway

If there’s one thing all Airstreamers have in common, it’s knowing the joy of vacationing in an RV. Having the freedom to travel where you want – when you want – is simply unmatched.

The team at Mighway shares this passion, and want to help other travelers experience the joy of exploring the open road in an RV.

They’re also familiar with an all too common problem of owning an RV – for 9 months a year it’s parked up in the driveway, collecting dust in the garage, or costing money at a storage yard.

Mighway offers a solution to this, by helping you rent out your RV to like-minded travelers. You can earn an income from your RV when you’re not using it, to offset the costs of ownership or pay for your next adventure. Plus, you’ll be able to free up that driveway space, and see it out on the road being enjoyed.

Mighway has service to suit your style, so you can be as involved as you choose. You have the flexibility to choose which bookings to accept, what the rental rate is, and when your RV is available to rent or out on vacation with you. With Mighway’s Local service, you get all the tools you need for easy renting, while they take care of insurance, payment and safety concerns, so you can enjoy the fun part – swapping stories, meeting new people and trading travel tips!

Mighway’s Managed service offers all the benefits of Mighway Local, plus they look after all customer interactions, clean and check your RV after the rental, and store it at a secure location.

In addition to innovative approaches to support, service, and storage, Mighway's greatest point of difference is that the company encourages a strong sense of community and belonging. It’s that friendly approach to hospitality that makes the experience that much more personal and memorable.

It’s not unusual for Mighway owners to sit down and have a cup of coffee with their guests and share their favorite bits of RV travel before they hit the road, ready to let the journey unfold.

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