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Even if you’re looking to unplug with your Airstream, you may still want to stay connected. Don’t let the need to power up slow down your outdoor game. Take Nomad’s Base Station Hub Edition along for the ride, and you’ll have the capability to charge phones, tablets, cameras and other devices quickly and easily with one handy hub.

With Nomad, wherever you are, you get the best. The Base Station Hub Edition incorporates a sleek, modern design with a highly functional, central charging hub. Utilizing three high-power charging coils, the Base Station Hub allows explorers to charge one or two phones wirelessly at up to 10W each.

The Base Station Hub has two out ports: one USB-A with 7.5 W of power, and one USB-C PD with an 18 W output capacity for even faster charging. You can juice up your devices any or all of these ways, and get a total of four devices amped up with one handy piece of gear.


This innovative must-have comes with a slim, padded leather wireless charging surface designed to fit perfectly on your nightstand. Plus, the Hub has LED charging indicators and an ambient light sensor that dims these LEDs at night. Smart.

Nomad is more than a catchy brand name. The Nomad team’s philosophy is to empower people to live a more nomadic life: to own fewer things, to be resourceful, and to seek adventure at every turn. These objectives are at the core of their product vision. Santa Barbara, CA-based Nomad creates minimalist, practical tools that keep people powered on the go. And they do all of these things very well.

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