A-List: The Traveler’s Guide to iPhone Photography

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What’s better than going on your own Airstream adventure? Sharing it with others, of course. If friends and family can’t tag along, you can bring the excitement to them with photographs.

Of course, better pics make for better storytelling. Have you ever taken a photo of a majestic waterfall or sun struck mountain with your iPhone’s camera and wondered why the shot didn’t look as good as you knew it could? Austin Mann’s new video series answers that question on the way to making you a crackerjack iPhone photographer.

Austin is an Airstream Ambassador and a fellow explorer. He’s also a professional photographer, teacher and self-described tech nerd. All of these experiences power Austin’s passion for helping others take better photos with their iPhones.

He shares his tips, tricks and secrets in The Traveler’s Guide to iPhone Photography. These 45+ HD video lessons consist of in-the-field training with Austin, a gear guide and an app guide for iPhone photography. You get unlimited access from any device (like your iPhone, iPad, and Mac), and there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Using this course, you’ll learn to control light and exposure, compose beautiful landscapes, create long exposure effects, make better portraits, and much more. When you complete the series, you'll be thrilled with the stunning images you capture with your iPhone, no matter where your travels take you.

Austin’s work played a key role in launching the Shot on iPhone ad campaign. His iPhone photos have been published by National Geographic Travel, Travel + Leisure, Condé Naste and others. Austin’s main passion beyond photography is to equip and empower people to dream bigger and create better.

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