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An Airstream® is a vehicle to adventure, in both the literal and literary sense. When we take to the open road, as poet Walt Whitman famously said, the world is before us. And, while the destinations can be quite wonderful, there is also so much fun in the journey – seeing where that next bend in the road leads is central to the wandering experience.

Airstreamers, like Whitman, “tramp a perpetual journey.” If your wanderlust is open to suggestion for your next trip (or trips), pick up one of Wildsam’s field guides. These little gems are packed with insider knowledge and powerful storytelling that are sure to inspire your next adventure down that open road.

These are not standard road trip guides – they are lovingly-compiled, well-documented encyclopedias for adventure. More akin to Kerouac’s notebooks than traditional guidebooks, Wildsam celebrates the mysteries and magic of discovery.

With the American Road Trip Series, you’ll get three separate guides on distinct areas of our expansive country – the Desert Southwest, New England and the American South.

Wildsam American South Barbecue

Inside each of Wildsam’s books, you’ll find interviews with experts and locals of note, an archive and almanac of historic letters, personal essays from local writers and illustrations from regional artists. Each of the American Road Trip guides contains cultural profiles of 10 cities and towns in the region. For your wandering pleasure, they also include road trip itineraries – from a 14-day trip to a weekend escape – and a list of the best scenic byways, regionally evocative music, food stops and mementos.

Founded in 2012, Wildsam uses unique local knowledge and soulful storytelling to get to the heart of the world’s great places. Their guides are perfect for a depth-finder style of travel; they shed light on the lesser known, the complex, and the real. Wildsam’s series of American field guides lead you on your journey with beautiful prose and personality, with a dash of archival research, personal interviews, long-form essays and hand-drawn maps mixed in. These are treasures you will keep for years to come.

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