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Comparing Airstream Touring Coaches

Airstream Interstate Grand Tour Floor Plan in Modern Greige

It’s the little things that make each of Airstream’s motorized models unique

If you’re in the market for the perfect Class B motor-home, it’s easy to get bogged down in the myriad differences – from floor plans and amenities to gas mileage and size. Comparing them all can be cumbersome and confusing, but with Airstream’s line of best-in-class touring coaches we’ve tried to make it easy to understand what makes each one unique.

Let’s start with what they share in common. All Airstream touring coaches are built on the legendary Mercedes-Benz<sup>®</sup> Sprinter chassis. Unlike most manufacturers, Airstream not only begins with the very best chassis, but also adds in every safety and convenience option that Mercedes offers – standard. While we start with the performance and dependability of Mercedes-Benz, Airstream takes that blank canvas and creates an interior masterpiece of design, functionality, and comfort.

From there, each Airstream touring coach takes on its own personality, with features and amenities unique to each. Below, we’ve broken down the difference to help make your decision easier.


Interstate Nineteen

Beginning with the most nimble of our Class B RVs, the Airstream Interstate Nineteen proves that sometimes good things do come in small packages. The Interstate Nineteen Touring Coach takes everything that has made the Airstream Interstate the #1 best-selling Class B diesel motor-home and wraps it in a smaller, nimbler 19-foot package – one that fits nicely in a standard parking spot.

Take off for a solo adventure or get some couple-time. Head to the city or the campground. Enjoy every luxurious amenity and every advanced safety feature. And most importantly, have the time of your life in this dream on wheels.


Airstream Interstate Nineteen Floor Plan
Interstate Nineteen in Lux White


The Details

 Height  Length  LPG  Black Tank  Grey Tank  Fresh Water  Wheelbase
9’7” 19’5” 9.34 gal 9 16 21 144”


Download Interstate Nineteen Brochure


Interstate Grand Tour

The extended Interstate that started it all, the Airstream Interstate Grand Tour is a Class B RV that elevates your travel experience when you’re setting out on a long-term journey for two. The very first time you step inside the Grand Tour you’ll see that we’ve carefully considered everything that will make your trips more enjoyable – from cooking to freshening up to getting some rest. And it’s that kind of thought that made the Interstate line the #1 best-selling Class B diesel motor-home for six years in a row. Get ready to explore the world around you in complete comfort.

Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT Floorplan Formal Black
Interstate Grand Tour in Formal Black


The Details

 Height  Length  LPG  Black Tank  Grey Tank  Fresh Water  Wheelbase
9’8”/ 9’11” 4wd 24’6” 14.6 gal 13 21 27 170”


Download Interstate Grand Tour Brochure


Interstate Lounge

Whether you’re heading to the beach house or to the game to tailgate, the Airstream Interstate Lounge Touring Coach elevates the whole experience. Step inside this luxury Class B RV and you and your guests will be wowed. Settle in and enjoy every comfort you can dream of during your time on the road. Park at your destination and relax in style, surrounded by the best-in-class luxury features.

Interstate Lounge in Refined Brown


The Details

 Height  Length  LPG  Black Tank  Grey Tank  Fresh Water  Wheelbase
9’8”/ 9’11” 4wd 24’6” 9.8 gal 13 27 26 170”


Download Interstate Lounge Brochure



The Atlas Touring Coach is our most luxurious – and largest – touring coach to date. Like all our touring coaches, the Atlas is built on the legendary Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van chassis and is inspired by our trailblazing Airstream Interstate series. But with its power slide-out, richly appointed features and finishes, and understated automotive styling from grill to bumper, we affectionately call the Atlas a Class B+. A new standard has arrived for those who believe that a well-traveled life begins with the best.

Airstream Atlas Floor Plan Modern Greige Decor
Atlas in Modern Greige


The Details

 Height  Length  LPG  Black Tank  Grey Tank  Fresh Water  Wheelbase
10’6” 24’9” 9.76 gal 23 31 23 170”


Download Atlas Brochure


Tommy Bahama<sup>®</sup> Special Editions

The only way to improve upon the merger of Mercedes-Benz and Airstream, is to add a touch of the island life from Tommy Bahama. An exclusive brand partnership between Airstream and Tommy Bahama brings you a full line of Tommy Bahama touring coaches. Coming in each of the four Airstream floor plans, the Tommy Bahama Special Editions will whisk you away to the beach.

Airstream Interstate Nineteen Floor Plan
Interstate Nineteen Tommy Bahama Special Edition

Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT Floorplan Tommy Bahama
Interstate Grand Tour Tommy Bahama Special Edition

Airstream Interstate Lounge EXT Tommy Bahama Floor Plan
Interstate Lounge Tommy Bahama Special Edition

Airstream Atlas Floor Plan Tommy Bahama Special Edition
Atlas Tommy Bahama Special Edition


If you are a discerning buyer who values the best, then your only real decisions are: Which floor plan best suits your needs; which decor package catches your eye; and do you want that coach with a side of beach life in the form of a Tommy Bahama<sup>®</sup> Special Edition?

Roll with the best<sup>®</sup>.


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