The day had finally arrived. Wally and Stella Byam were preparing to leave for New York, where they’d head off to Africa for the Airstream Caravan. Arthur Ruiz, Caravan mechanic, also had his rig ready.

As they readied their trip, Wally and Stella addressed the Jackson Center, Ohio Airstream employees. They explained the adventure ahead, and what their efforts in manufacturing means to Airstream owners – both on the African Caravan and those enjoying the byways in the States.

With their Airstream rig in New York, Wally and Stella have just one final stop before they leave for Africa. They travel to the 2nd International Rally being held in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Wally and Stella address the group about the upcoming Airstream Wally Byam African Caravan.

They bid adieu to the Airstreamers and they are off for Africa.

I’m not sure what newspaper this clipping came from. Maybe Sidney, Wapakoneta, Dayton. Columbus may have even sent a photographer and reporter to Jackson Center.

Since Wally’s early days in advertising, first at Stanford University and later in Los Angeles, he understood the value in making news.

In 1951, with the 1st Caravan to Mexico and Central America, you might have read an article in your local newspaper. In 1954, Look Magazine covered a Mexican Caravan. The trend continued when Life wrote an article about the 500 Caravan to Mexico. That’s right – 500 trailer families in Mexico.

After the 1956 European Caravan, a comprehensive article with great photographs taken by Ardean Miller and a story written by Norma Miller appeared in National Geographic.

This picture marks a new chapter in Airstream’s recognition in doing what others cannot (or will not) do.

Cape Town to Cairo is history. The memories will last forever.

An Airstream has been there, done that. And we’re still doing what we do best – building on the dreams of adventurers young and old.

Dale “Pee Wee” Schwamborn has silver in his blood. Each week, Pee Wee shares one of his many stories, including his experiences on the iconic Airstream Caravans, his time spent working in the Airstream factory, and the many Airstreamers he’s befriended, far and wide.

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