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7 Must-See Features in the REI Co-op Special Edition

The Airstream REI Co-op Special Edition Travel Trailer being towed by a green truck down a dirt road in Sedona, Arizona.

With thoughtful design throughout, the REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp 16 is the perfect way to bring your outdoor adventures to life. We’re highlighting seven of our favorite features, from sustainable materials and water filtration to the standard X-Package that lets you get even further off the grid.

A partnership made in outdoor enthusiast heaven, the REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp 16X Travel Trailer is one of the most adventurous models we've ever built. Starting with the strong foundation of the Basecamp, the Special Edition utilizes environmentally friendly materials while incorporating versatile features made for going further afield than ever before.

More than simply an interior décor, the REI Co-op Special Edition brings together the best of both brands. For 90-plus years, Airstream has worked to perfect the mobile lifestyle and enable travelers to hit the road with all the comforts of home. Likewise, REI has outfitted generations of adventure-seekers with the best equipment and gear. Together, Airstream and REI have created an exciting model that is made to hit the road – and then explore off the beaten path.


The Seven Must-See Features

The best way to experience this Special Edition is to see it for yourself at your local dealer. Before you see it in person, here’s our go-to list of features you should ask your dealer about – features that make the REI Co-op Special Edition truly special.

Feature 1: The Beautiful, Functional Galley with Panoramic Views

It’s time to start dreaming about taking in the stellar views while you wait for the French Press to brew. Panoramic windows wrap the Special Edition’s front-end galley in spectacular vistas – but don’t let those impressive views leave you starstruck. The galley’s intentionally-designed features are part of this Airstream camper's go-anywhere-do-anything mentality. Start with all the kitchen comforts of home you need – a sink, a fridge, a two-burner propane cooktop, and an optional microwave – but then look deeper to see how more than 90 years of travel expertise plays out.

The kitchen inside of the Airstream REI Co-op Special Edition Travel Trailer that is looking out at a desert in Arizona while camping.

Because space is always at a premium, we’ve worked with the cutting board experts at Epicurean to design a dual-purpose sink cover that doubles as a cutting board. It sits perfectly inside the lip of the deep, round, stainless steel sink, creating more counter space to craft incredible dinners after a long day outside. The Vigo graphite black sink faucet draws water from your 21-gallon onboard fresh water tank for cleaning and washing, while on the opposite side of the sink an advanced UV-LED Smart Drinking Faucet effectively reduces bacteria and microorganisms in your fresh drinking water.

Space-saving features extend throughout the galley, with a tempered glass cover over the two-burner liquid propane (LP) stovetop that adds counter space when the burners aren’t in use. Two pop-up power stations built into the countertop include 110V outlets and USB connections for charging devices and powering portable countertop appliances. And when it comes to design, the Special Edition galley is a thing of beauty, with a multi-layered green slate countertop, exposed birch plywood, and kitchen cabinetry redesigned for expansive storage options. Green mesh nets hold everything on the shelves and allow you to see through to spot precisely what you need. Add the optional microwave or forgo the option for even more storage space below the counter.

Feature 2: Sustainable Materials Throughout

The REI Co-op Special Edition Trailer is one of Airstream’s most environmentally friendly designs in the company’s 90-year history. Throughout the interior are design choices that put a premium on reducing its environmental impact. The Knoll stain-resistant fabric used on the bench and bed cushions features 50% post-consumer recycled content, while the Tinted Paper Terrazzo interior laminate used on two bath walls is 30% recycled content. In the galley, the cutting board sink cover is made from recycled paper and the cabinetry is crafted from sustainably grown wood.

The bench that turns into a bed in the Airstream REI Co-op Special Edition Travel Trailer camper.

Altogether, the focus on environmentally friendly materials speaks to both brands’ dedication to preserving and protecting the natural world in which we love to travel and play.

Feature 3: The Water Filtration System and Recirculating Water Heater

Thoughtful water conservation features have been worked into this already impressive design – features that are not only good for the environment but also good for travelers who want to maximize their time off-grid. At the sink, a pre-filter and advanced UV-LED Smart Drinking Faucet effectively reduces bacteria and microorganisms as it disinfects the potable water in your fresh water tank. Leave behind the plastic water jugs and bring along re-usable water bottles (or use the cups in the included REI Co-op kit).

A woman filling up a coffee pot in her Airstream REI Co-op Special Edition Travel Trailer while she camps in Arizona.

And because water conservation is always on the mind of the boondocker who likes to camp away from standard campsite hookups, a recirculating water heater reduces the amount of water going down the drain while you wait for the water to heat up. This incredible feature delivers instant hot water to the shower and kitchen sink and is exclusive to this model. Simply set your preferred temperature (between 95-130 degrees Fahrenheit) at the control center and you’ll always have hot water when you need it – without the waste.

Feature 4: The X-Package Comes Standard

An optional feature in the standard Basecamp 16 configuration, the X-Package comes standard in the Special Edition Basecamp, incorporating premium features designed to maximize the experience of getting further afield and finding the perfect campsite far from the crowds. Enhancements like the 3” lift kit, off-road tires with stylized aluminum wheels, stainless steel stone guards, and front window solar protection all come as standard equipment. The X-Package makes boondocking easier than ever, and lets owners tackle rough roads – or no road at all – with ease.


Feature 5: The Powerful Solar Package

While the standard X-Package lets owners travel beyond the confines of paved roads and get out to remote boondocking spots, the Special Edition’s solar capabilities give owners flexible options for powering their off-grid adventures. Customers can choose from two powerful solar panel options: 200 watts or 360 watts of factory-installed, roof-mounted solar panels. The upgraded 360W solar package also includes two 100Ah lithium batteries from the factory, which provide plenty of power harvesting capabilities for off-grid adventures. And if more solar power is needed, the convenient A-frame portable solar panel plug gives owners even more options to add additional solar panels.


Feature 6: The 25-Piece REI Co-op Kit

If the design and functionality of this Special Edition wasn’t enough, we’ve also included a 25-piece REI Co-op product kit that consists of a full slate of adventure-ready gear handpicked by the experts at REI. Featuring two Flexlite Camp Dreamer Chairs, a Campwell picnic table and bench covers, and OXO kitchen utensils, plus towels, mugs, a rechargeable lantern, and various sizes of Pack-Away Cubes, this incredible kit provides you with just about everything you need to hit the road on day one. Best of all – the kit is designed to fit perfectly inside Basecamp’s dedicated storage areas.

Feature 7: The Large Rear Hatch Door

The REI Co-op Special Edition Basecamp Travel Trailer is made for getting outside, going further afield, and bringing everything you need for the perfect adventure. Whether your outdoor sport of choice is skiing, cycling, climbing, or kayaking, the rear hatch door opens a world of opportunity for transporting essential gear. Unlatch the large door and discover a 26-inch x 46-inch portal – big enough to slide in bikes, paddleboards, a small kayak, and more. Inside, you’ll find 126 inches of available cargo space from front to back without any obstructions all the way up to the galley.


On the floor and wall, a versatile L-track system gives you endless options for adding quick-release clips that provide the necessary points for tying down all that gear and ensuring it stays put in transit. Use the wall-mounted L-track rails for securing gear from moving side to side, or attach tie-downs to the L-track that runs side to side along the floor. On the inside of the hatch door, three storage compartments give you more room for storing essentials with an incorporated whiteboard and blackout curtain. And because this is an REI Co-op Special Edition, you’ll find subtle touches of New Spruce – the green color commonly associated with the REI brand – throughout the interior and incorporated into the exterior design.


Ready to see the REI Co-op Special Edition for yourself? Locate your nearest Airstream dealer and get ready to start dreaming of your perfect outdoor adventure.

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