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Airstream Customer Council

Nearly seventy years ago, our founder, Wally Byam, and a group of caravaners started the first Airstreams on a journey across the world. Their adventure took them to the faraway places he’d always dreamed of seeing.

Along the way, the group road tested Airstream travel trailers in harsh conditions and over rough terrain. What they learned on that journey transformed an aluminum-sided “silver bullet” into an enduring American icon.

On Airstream’s inaugural globetrot, Wally discovered the power of open communication between customers and builders and its ability to turn small ideas into lasting innovations.

This was the start of an Airstream tradition that we’ve been carrying forward ever since -- a tradition that centers our work around the customer’s experience.

Now, we’re calling on Airstreamers -- full-timers, part-timers, and weekend warriors -- to join the Customer Council and continue to shape the future of Airstream.


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About the Customer Council:

  • The Customer Council is a twelve-member body, comprised exclusively of Airstreamers with passion for and knowledge of Airstream travel trailers and touring coaches.
  • Members of the Customer Council are selected based on their applications to the program, using criteria weighing both professional expertise and personal product usage. Passion for living riveted is a plus!
  • Customer Council members will receive product previews and discuss product roadmaps. In exchange, we’ll collect your reviews, ideas, and feedback.
  • Candid and thoughtful customer feedback is as central to the Airstream story as the Wally Byam creed. Every Airstreamer has a story to share and perspectives earned from time spent on open roads and campsites far away.

The Fine Print

  • Applicants to the Council, if selected, will be expected to participate in all Board sessions, except in the case of a personal emergency or professional obligation.
  • Council meetings will take place quarterly: three virtual conferences and one in-person workshop at Airstream’s Jackson Center, OH corporate office and manufacturing facility.
  • Airstream executives and associates will facilitate discussions and focus groups at Council meetings, compile key recommendations, and provide updates to members at ensuing meetings.
  • Members will be asked to complete an individual survey following Customer Council sessions.
  • Council members are appointed to a one-year term on the Council.
  • The 2019-2020 term begins on April 15, 2019, and ends March 31, 2020. Virtual meetings will take place in April and June of 2019 and in February 2020. The in-person meeting will be timed with the opening of Airstream’s new manufacturing facility in late 2019 or early 2020.
  • It is likely that not all applicants to the Council will be selected. If you are not selected, we encourage you to apply again the following year.
  • The Customer Council is an all-volunteer group. Membership on the Board is unpaid. However, members will receive reimbursement for any required travel, including the annual in-person Council meeting.
  • Each member will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) regarding any new products or strategies that would be shared with the Customer Council.