A-List: Pink Flamingo

Along with our trailers, there are tons of other things that can make your time on the road great. One is a pink flamingo – yes, the fun, eye catching lawn ornament, which since its creation in 1957 has become one of the most ubiquitous yard decorations across America. Pink flamingos have also become an important part of Airstream culture, as many Airstreamers have flamingos that travel the country with them, to be displayed at every stop. It’s a way to call out to other Airstreamers and enhance our community.

The pink flamingo was developed by an artist named Don Featherstone, while working for Union Products, Inc. With its popularity have come many knock-offs, which eventually got to the point where Featherstone signed the cast used to mold the flamingos – so that all genuine flamingos would have a Featherstone signature. Today Featherstone lives in Massachusetts with his wife (with whom he has been dressing alike for over 28 years), in a home with 57 pink flamingos in his yard – for 1957, the year he created the first.

Image: Things-We-Love-Pink-Flamingo&bvt=rss