Travel Trailer Storage: A Place for Everything You Need

Smart Storage

Before you buy an RV, one of the biggest questions you might ask is: Will I have room for all of my stuff? When Airstream product designers begin work on a new travel trailer, one of the first and most important things they think about is storage. The quality of your adventure often depends on the things you can bring with you, and the last thing you should have to do in the Airstream of your dreams is compromise.

When it comes to RV interior storage and organization, Airstream draws on nearly 90 years of experience perfecting the use of space inside our iconic travel trailers. And Airstream owners are always happy to share feedback about what works and what can be improved. It’s that kind of customer feedback that makes Airstream storage solutions even better, and every trip better than the last.

The History of Storage in Airstream Travel Trailers

Airstream founder Wally Byam grew up working with his uncle on a sheep farm and spent his nights in a wooden wagon. You could say the seeds of what would become Airstream started there, but they took root later when he and his first wife, Marion, began camping outdoors. While they shared a love for nature and adventure, Marion hated sleeping on the ground in a tent.

Wally Byam and wife Marion out camping. Courtesy of the Helen Byam Schwamborn Estate

Wally’s solution? He built Marion a makeshift tent-style RV on the chassis of a Model T. Later, he turned the concept into a wooden teardrop trailer. Eventually, Wally began selling plans for the trailers so anyone could build one themselves. And in that wooden teardrop-shaped trailer, Wally brought his ideas for modern conveniences and storage to life. It included a stove, an ice chest, and storage compartments for pots, pans, and dishes.

Today’s Airstream Storage is Better than Ever

Since Wally’s early innovations, we’ve consistently made Airstream storage better and better.

Storage inside any RV is limited, so every square inch has to be used intelligently. That’s why we think about what people typically bring on trips: clothing, food, utensils, hoses and hookups, sports and adventure gear, entertainment and games, and even pet supplies.

Airstream Basecamp Storage

Airstream storage and organization is designed to blend seamlessly into the design of each travel trailer and make smart use of all the hidden nooks and crannies throughout.

Kitchen Storage

Each Airstream travel trailer model features its own unique kitchen style, but upper and lower storage for dishes, pots, pans, silverware, and pantry items is always included.

FlyingCloud-Sub-Features-Simple-1.3-PantryIn larger travel trailers, pull-out pantry storage makes it easy to see what you have and grab what you need.Globetrotter 30RB Galley Kitchen 2020In the Globetrotter, overhead cabinets feature custom curved panel doors with soft-close hinges and a fingerprint-resistant finish.

2021-Airstream-International-Travel-Trailer-Updated-Sink-DesignUnder the sink is the perfect place to store cleaning products and trash bags.

Bathroom Storage

No matter the layout, there’s always a place for your bathroom essentials.

Airstream-Classic-33FB-Bathroom-Comfort-WhiteThe Classic 33 features upper and lower cabinets, and even features a clothing closet inside the bathroom.

Airstream Travel Trailer StorageFrom Bambi all the way up to Classic, each model features storage below the sink and cubbies for quick-grab items.

Basecamp and Nest feature built-in shampoo, conditioner, and body wash dispensers so you have to pack one less item.

Bedroom Storage

From your closet to your nightstand, each Airstream sleeping area is made to get clutter out of the way.

Airstream-Classic-30RB-Comfort-White-Bedroom-Storage Nightstands are perfect storage for books, lotions, essential oils, and chargers.

2021-Airstream-International-Interior-Master-Bedroom-Twin-Beds-Coastal-CoveOverhead storage is a great place to stash shoes, scarves, hats, and smaller items.Flying Cloud 23CB Studio Bedroom Wild HoneyAll models feature some kind of storage under the bed itself, so you have a dedicated, easy-to-access place for larger gear, games, and extra supplies.

Exterior Storage

Some of our travel trailers feature storage you can access quickly from the outside of the travel trailer.

Caravel Rear StorageThe Caravel travel trailer features “garage” storage via a lockable door in the back, and it’s perfect for hoses, chairs, and any other gear you don’t want to store inside.Airstream Caravel 3 Quarter Awnings Out
The Caravel also includes rear bumper storage for longer, more slender items and anything you need easy access to while you’re on the road.

Gear Storage

From bungee cords and climbing gloves to a full-size kayak, Airstream travel trailers are designed with your adventure gear in mind.

Basecamp-Rear-Cargo-Hatch-LifestyleThe Basecamp’s rear hatch is the perfect way to get gear into the trailer without having to maneuver around the front door.2021-Airstream-Flying-Cloud-23FB-Sunlit-Maple-Interior-with-Seattle-Mist-Ultraleather-F2BThe overhead cabinets above the seating/dining area in the Flying Cloud are perfect for sports gear, inflatables, travel guides, pet supplies, and more.

Want some storage and organization tips, tricks, and hacks?

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Curious how we go from design to final product?

If you want even more detail about the process that goes into building an Airstream and keeping it on the road for decades, download our Lifetime of Adventure Guide and learn about the quality that goes into each and every one of our travel trailers.

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