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Endless Caravan: Introducing Hugh Acheson!

Icons are an essential part of Chef Hugh Acheson’s cooking philosophy. He’s made a culinary career out of exploring traditional southern flavors through a European lens. He cooks on cast iron skillets and stainless steel All-Clad pans. Now, he’s hitting the road in an iconic travel trailer for Airstream’s latest Endless Caravan. And he’s taking with him one of the most iconic – and perhaps most misunderstood – cooking implements of the modern era: the slow cooker. “Everybody has a slow cooker,” Hugh says. “Generally you got one for a birthday, or a Christmas present, or when you got married

Endless Caravan: A Month of Adventures

It’s hard to believe that our Endless Caravan with Race the Tide’s Jesse Macht and James E. Smith, has come to an end. As they wrap up their tour in Denver, CO, they recounted some of their remarkable experiences, conversations and memories that will last a lifetime. In Jacksonville, a variety of speakers and presenters took the stage. First up was an advocate from the St. John’s River Volunteer Program who spoke about the importance of environmentalism. In Santa Fe, three speakers talked about health, routine and exercise for people above 40. Then Cassidy Freeman, a filmmaker impassioned by the

Endless Caravan: A Week of Adventure and New Friends

Our Endless Caravan had many adventures this week with Race the Tide’s Jesse Macht and James E.S. Music! The two musicians journeyed through different cities as they saw family in Maryland and traveled to the Washington Monument and Virginia Lakes. Jesse and James also experienced the greatness of late night laughter, coffee, kind neighbors, and a cozy Airstream as the seasons changed to fall.  Take a peak from an interview with their host and his thoughts on house concerts: Outside their adventured-filled travels, Jesse and James had the opportunity to meet a handful of interesting speakers they passionately wanted to highlight

Endless Caravan: Introducing Jesse and James!

For Race the Tide’s Jesse Macht and James Smith, a concert isn’t just a concert. It’s a communal exercise in what they call “Radical Sharing.” The two musician friends are taking that concept to the road leading our next Endless Caravan. They’ll stop in fourteen cities across the country and host “Sunsets at…” events. Part concert and part performance, each event features Jesse and James playing their music and inviting local folks to share their interests, creativity, and knowledge. The seed for this Endless Caravan was born out of Jesse’s frustration with life as a touring musician. “I was tired of

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