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After heart transplant, Airstreamer competes in World Transplant Games

It started with shortness of breath. Taking the trash out to the street, climbing the stairs – Gary Rosenbaum felt winded and tired. He was 56 years old, and knew he shouldn’t feel that way. In just a matter of months he’d gone from feeling perfectly healthy to feeling weak, tired, and worn down. Gary’s doctor sent him to a cardiologist who recognized Gary’s symptoms as heart failure. The cardiologist delivered the difficult news: within five years he would need a heart transplant. The news was a blow for a guy who’d been active all his life – hiking, camping,

This Valentine’s Day, #loveriveted

We believe Valentine’s Day is about so much more than roses and chocolates and trying to find a last-minute dinner reservation. It’s a chance to spread love of all kinds, to share what makes your heart feel full. To celebrate V-Day this year, we’ve created a hashtag – #loveriveted – you can use to show us your loves. Here are 5 ideas to get you started: You and your favorite travel buddy (four-legged friends included) You and your beloved Airstream (who doesn’t have heart eyes for that gorgeous aluminum?) A spot you love to return to again and again A

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Endless Caravan: Chasing Snow and Sunsets

Haven’t met Ryan and Danielle? Check out their Endless Caravan introduction and first-week adventures here. Our Endless Caravan journey continued last week as we said farewell to Denver and began the trip to Breckenridge and Jackson Hole. Our last nights in Colorado were filled with delicious food and good friends. We grabbed dinner at Sherpa House, a traditional Nepalese hidden gem where some of the wait staff have climbed Mount Everest as many as 16 times. After dinner, we returned to our Airstream to meet with Elliott Couch, the founder of Kids Lacrosse the World. We love supporting Elliott’s nonprofit

Endless Caravan: The Adventure Begins

Hello, fellow Airstreamers! We’re Ryan and Danielle, a creative, entrepreneurial couple on a quest to inspire others to get out there and live the free life.

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