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Endless Caravan: Finding Your Grit

Kacy, Joanna and the Yellow Co. crew are nearing the end of their time on our #EndlessCaravan, as they host their last stop of the Yellow Co. Tour this weekend in Denver. Keep reading to learn more about how they’ve taken ownership of their “grit” while traveling the country and living life on the road. During this last full week on our #EndlessCaravan journey, we are ending our series of pop-up conferences with an event in Denver themed around Taking Ownership of Your Grit. You may ask: “what is grit?” On the surface, it’s really an idea that can be

Endless Caravan: Solo, but Never Lonely

Laura Austin is nearly halfway through her journey on our #EndlessCaravan in the new Nest by Airstream! Keep reading to learn more about life in Nest, Laura’s travels in the South and the folks she’s met along the course of her trip. Over the years, solo travel has kind of turned into my thing. Of all the questions people ask me, the most common is: “Do you get lonely?” It’s a fair question– when people think of going on an adventure, going at it alone isn’t what usually comes to mind. Sure, there is a lot of solitary time when

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Endless Caravan: Nest Hits the Road

Photographer Laura Austin is on a special #EndlessCaravan trip in the all-new Nest by Airstream. Coining the term “solo road trip,” Laura is familiar with traveling alone, but never isolating herself in the process. This trip is part of her mission to meet new people from all backgrounds and walks of life, telling their stories in a series called “I Am Human.” Read more below and check out this video for a look into her first week on the #EndlessCaravan journey. After growing up in small mountain towns in Colorado and Vermont, but now living in Los Angeles, I have a

Endless Caravan: Taking Ownership of Our Relationships

Our Endless Caravan crew, Yellow Co have just wrapped up their second week on tour and first conference in Orange County! From navigating the roads to navigating relationships, Director of Operations Kacy Schlener shares her perspective about what’s important and how to stay focused on who is important. Continue reading to learn a few tips on how to stay connected with family and friends while traveling! At week two of our grand adventure, I find myself riding solo in our Airstream, fondly named “B.” Joanna has temporarily deserted me to go hang out with her husband (I’m fine with it,

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