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Babies and Borders

Whenever we meet those who have chosen the #LiveRiveted lifestyle we love to take a moment to share their story. Today, we want to share with you Caitlen Murrell, author of the blog Babies and Borders. Her and her family live full time in their Airstream and they have chosen the adventurous path. Years ago when I was dreaming of my grown-up life and what that would be like, I never imagined that it would entail living in an Airstream with my husband, 2 dogs, 2 toddlers and another on the way. When my high school sweetheart became my husband

Leaving it Beautiful in Los Angeles

Imagine a sunset community gathering in a beautiful backyard with a view of downtown Los Angeles. You’re surrounded by both friends and people you have yet to meet. You all came here to share in the same experience – an evening of music, drumming, sketch comedy and neighbors coming together. This is exactly what happens at each Sunsets at Great Scott event. Sunsets at Great Scott are community arts gatherings hosted by Jesse Macht and Jon Prescott in their Los Angeles backyard. Each event features different local performance groups and artists, and all are welcome to attend. The only requirement?

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Endless Creativity on the Endless Caravan

The Endless Caravan rolls on! We’re excited to introduce you to our new Endless Caravan family, the Schillers: husband and wife Aaron and Megan and their daughters, 8-year-old Karuna and 4-year-old Ora. The Schillers are hitting the road on a mission of Creative Family Living. They’ll be helping inspire and encourage families to play, work and live more creatively every day. And they have a pretty good idea of just how to do it, as you’ll see from a visit to Megan’s website The Art Pantry. As they tour the country, the Schillers will be hosting family-focused events that teach

Making Dreams Come True in Colorado

As digital nomads who love to camp and hike, we’ve regularly imagined getting off the beaten path in an Airstream to travel around the country. Like most fantasies, we hadn’t come close to making it happen (actually we hadn’t spent a single night in an Airstream before!), but something changed when we heard about the new Airstream Basecamp®. Suddenly it didn’t seem as scary or intimidating for us RV virgins. The Basecamp represented to us an opportunity to give RVing a go, but still feel connected to nature and our love of camping. We were excited to have the comfort

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