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Endless Caravan: Realities of the Road

Back in April, Laura Austin set off on a two-month journey in the all-new Nest by Airstream. During her time on our #EndlessCaravan, she’s learned that life on the road isn’t always perfect, but there’s beauty in overcoming obstacles. Social media can make life on the road seems like all smiles and picture-perfect moments. But, a lot of things happen behind-the-scenes that are anything but glamorous– draining the sewage tank, repairing flat tires, getting lost. These are the things people don’t often talk about on Instagram. By addressing these adversities myself, I’m definitely not trying to scare you away from

Endless Caravan | Falling (Back) in Love with California

Sometimes it takes leaving a place you know well to come back and appreciate all that it has to offer. On our #EndlessCaravan in Nest, Laura Austin returns to her current home state of California and becomes reacquainted with its diverse landscape and beauty. Being an outdoorsy person, people often wonder why I live in Los Angeles. Sometimes when I am sitting in LA traffic, I wonder the same thing. But when I venture out of the city, I remember why I’m there. The thing about living in Los Angeles is that you are surrounded by incredibly diverse landscapes all

"Strive endlessly to stir the venturesome spirit that moves you…."

Endless Caravan: Nest Life, Best Life?

So, what’s it really like to live full-time in Airstream’s new small fiberglass wonder? Laura Austin gives a behind-the-scenes look at life in Nest, here in this post and tomorrow on our Instagram Live (@airstream_inc). Tune in on Instagram tomorrow (May 31) at 9 p.m. EST to ask Laura questions and learn more about her solo #EndlessCaravan road trip. During my journey on Airstream’s #EndlessCaravan, I’ve been asked many times about the reality of trailer living. From the outside looking in, many people assume I simply live the dream life– bouncing around from beautiful place to beautiful place without a care in

Endless Caravan: A Tradition Born in White Sands

Traveling solo in Airstream Nest, Laura Austin is finding adventure in every corner of the country on our #EndlessCaravan. Now, she returns to the place that first inspired her passion for solo travel– this time with Nest in tow. Difficult times tend to be a catalyst for change. For me, this pivot point came when I was experiencing a tough time in a relationship back in 2014. My boyfriend at the time and I hit a rough patch, and he skipped town right before the new year. Instead of staying in L.A. and spending my New Year’s Eve in a

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