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25 New Year’s Resolutions You Can (Probably) Keep

It’s easy to make New Year’s Resolutions, but we all know it’s hard to keep them. Whether we’re stressed or distracted or unable to maintain our perseverance, New Year’s Resolutions often end in disappointment.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are 25 New Year’s Resolutions – drawn from dozens of our 2017 blog articles – that may inspire you to have a happy, healthy, and exciting 2018.

  1. Eat healthy, or at least eat well. If you feel like home cooking – or Airstream cooking – takes too much time, take a tip from Airstream’s Endless Caravaner Chef Hugh Acheson. His new book, The Chef and the Slow Cooker, is all about using this tried and true kitchen tool to buy yourself some time while cooking up a delicious meal.
  2. Speaking of food: whether you’re full-timing, half-timing, or just hitting the road for a weekend, we could all use some tips and tricks for preparing a great meal in an Airstream. 
  3. Travel more. Ask any Airstreamer and they’ll all tell you the same thing: it’s good for the soul.
  4. Never stop learning. Don’t be afraid to read the long article, watch the documentary, or dig into the book. It’s part of living riveted.
  5. Winter is long, and (depending on where you are) it can be cold. Something as simple as a cup of hot chocolate can warm your spirits.
  6. Stay healthy, productive, and family-focused. Airstreamer and NFL correspondent James Brown gave us his advice this year.
  7. Volunteer. Help others. Give of yourself if you’re able, and do your best to help those who are not as fortunate as yourself. You’ll be amazed how good it feels.
  8. Recognize those who help you succeed. Give credit where credit is due.
  9. Throw a party. Invite your friends. Sometimes all it takes is someone who takes the initiative. Be that person.
  10. Get an Airstream (hint hint). Or a second one! Why stop there, though? Get a couple more.
  11. Leave it beautiful. Wherever you are, make it a better place. Pick up the trash. Volunteer. Donate your money, your energy, and your time. Be the change you want to see in the world.
  12. Take a family adventure. Teach your children about the joy of being outdoors. There is no substitute for the family time that comes with camping – whether it’s on the trail or around the campfire. They’ll thank you for it some day.
  13. Save some money while traveling. Who doesn’t like a little extra cash?
  14. Express your creativity. Paint a picture. Write a song. Renovate a vintage Airstream.
  15. Take a road trip.
  16. Diversify. Try a foreign cuisine. Walk down into Chinatown. Experience the richness of different cultures.
  17. Play a game. Games have been shown to keep your brain sharp and strengthen memory. They also help pass the time on those long trips.
  18. Celebrate where you came from. Start new traditions and honor those that have been around for a while. Knowing your past helps you figure out your future.
  19. Take it slow and let go.
  20. Seek out the holes in the wall. A great mom and pop restaurant is always better than fast food.
  21. Disconnect. Unplug. Go off the grid.
  22. America’s National Parks are some of the most amazing places in the world. We are lucky to have such beautiful, historic, and mesmerizing places inside our own borders. Make a plan to visit one this year – or all 59.
  23. Learn from experience, and consult the wisdom of your elders.
  24. Make something that will last.
  25. Don’t be like this guy.

Looking for more inspiration to make 2018 your best year yet? Find it in the Airstream blog.

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